Other Services

Import: Various Home & Building Finishing Materials, house Hold’s, Office and Hotels Furniture’s and appliances.


Export: Organic Coffee, Sesame, oilseeds & pulses to Asian and European Countries.


Services: Buildings Interior Design service and Buildings and Residential homes finishing work service provision


Import Sector

  A   Home & Office Materials

  • Home ,Office and Kitchen Materials
  • Hotel full package appliances
  • Electronics
  • Lights
  • Physical fitness machines and Materials
  • Curtain walls, wall papers, carpets and gift materials.


B  Constructions And finishing Materials:

  • Ceramics ,Porcelain  & Mosaics’
  • Electrical Materials
  • Toilet,shower,jaccuzi and stem Materials
  • Paints, Doors, Glues, Partitions , Roofs
  • Gibson boards & ceiling Materials
  • Aluminum and Mirror works

C   All Products which are needed by government and Corporate private     limited Companies.


Service provision Sector

Plans, Interior design work & consulting service

  • Full plan works
  • Interior Design works
  • Interior design consulting services
  • Construction & finishing works
  • Construction design follow up and consulting services.

Export Sector

Organic Coffee

Sesame Seeds

Oil Seeds and pulses



  1. We have a strong working relationships with famous and known private and government Banks in Ethiopia. Those are:
  1. Bank Of Abyssinia
  2. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia
  3. Lion International Bank
  4. Buna International Bank
  5. Wegagen Bank
  6. Addis International Bank
  7. Nib International Bank
  8. Enat Bank
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