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Parking Braking

  • No service braking for below 0.75T, mechanical braking for trailer form 0.75T to 3.5T.
  • No hand brake for below 0.75, ad for above 0.75, hanging and semi-hanging trailers are equipped with parking braking and chock.
  • Braking device must ensure reliable braking from up and down when trailer is on the 26% (15°) slope.
  • Off-road standard trailer has no service braking.

Ground Clearance

  • Regarding intensive trailer, within 1m range between front and bace of axle, ground clearance is larger than 100mm.
  • As for discrete trailer, with respect to over 1m distance between centers of two nearby axles, 33.33mm ground clearance should be increased for each exceeded 1m.



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